Tecnomatic Italia is a young, dynamic manufacturer of electromechanical parts for industrial automation on behalf of businesses worldwide.

We strongly believe in programming and innovation as the force behind our constant growth and important results. We also believe in our products, which are the result of professional expertise and quality that will make us a point of reference in the future for plants and components for industrial automation.

Development of new technologies
Made in Italy
Delivery times
Quality Tests

Our headquarters are located in Treviso, in the heart of Veneto’s manufacturing area, and inside we have a modern workshop where we assemble our breakers and switches, and where we use stringent inspection tests to allow us to guarantee the quality and reliability of each single product.


Every year we receive constant, regular visits from control commissions for the renewal of our certification. This means we are always able to guarantee the top standards when it comes to compliance with all of the safety standards governing the use of our products.


Our aim is to constantly renew our business, using new materials and new types of design so that every cam switch or breaker, even when built to customer specifications, will continue to be a leading-edge, technologically advanced product. In this way we try to meet all of the needs of electromechanical companies, even the most discerning.


To offer a full line of products, we have put in place a partnership with an important company at world level, which allows us to sell completed items, such as: push buttons, counters, thermal relay switches, limit stops, pedal controls, button pads, warning lights, and disconnectors that, together with our own breakers and switches, form a full, high-tech package of products.


In a global marketplace, where the market itself demands greater flexibility and professional skills, including through cutting-edge, reliable, quality solutions, we can guarantee that in all these years we have always worked towards achieving a precise mission, promoting our brand and becoming recognised all over the world as a manufacturer of products entirely Made in Italy.